Performance Java Services

Java is a run anywhere, network intelligent, advanced programming language. We have Java experts and Java specialists available right here in STL! We can help you with the following:

  • Java design and development help to launch new enterprise Java applications
  • Updates or upgrades for custom Java applications
  • Java performance
  • Java security
  • Single sign on (SSO)
  • Java Spring/Hibernate
  • Java Web Start
  • J2EE
  • Struts

Java STL

St. Louis is a budding technology hub. Our French roots, deep traditions in the musical arts, mid-west work ethic, and reasonable labor rates make STL a great place for a technology company. We have a great Java community here with groups like Gateway Java Users Group. Java STL!

Java Specialist

Our Java experts have experience with most major frameworks. Our preferred stack is Linux, Docker, and JHipster (Spring Boot and Angular2), however we have extensive experience in multiple languages/environments and we’re ready to help you with your platform. Contact us today for a free consultation.

Best of Breed Tooling

We use Eclipse as our primary IDE, but also have experience with NetBeans and IntelliJ. For maintainability and cost reduction, we recommend build, test, static code analysis, and reporting; on every build. The result is stable, low maintenance source code.

DevOps And Continuous Delivery

We were preaching DevOps before DevOps was a thing! DevOps is the coordination of development and operations so your testing and deployments tasks are baked right in to your build processes. Continuous Delivery is the result of deep DevOps integrations; your code is automatically deployed to your target environments after check-in. Sound too good to be true? We’ve done it and we can make Continuous Delivery a reality for your project.

Don’t See What You Need?

We have experience in multiple languages/environments. Contact us today for a free consultation with a java specialist. We love to talk about new and exciting Java projects!