Performance VR Services

Silver Fin Software Virtual Reality (VR) Experts provide various VR services including VR design, VR development, VR marketing, and VR performance troubleshooting. Right here in VR STL! We currently develop room-scale VR for the HTC Vive and SteamVR.

VR Is Different

VR is such an overwhelming experience, many of the tried-and-true user experience design patterns no longer apply. Rather than staring at a monitor, the user is now immersed in a vibrant, responsive environment. The interaction is so convincing and emotional, it’s very easy to overwhelm the user and lose their interest. We prefer a softer approach compared to 2D UX and graphic design. More of the magick is in the immersion and emotional response. The user should feel moved, and wanting more.

VR Expert

Our VR Experts can work stand-alone products with monthly reporting, or supplement your existing teams.

VR Marketing

We can help with marketing your VR app. Check out our SEO and SEM packages.

VR Performance

Have your VR app 80% done but it’s just not right? We can help you fix those dropping frame rates, and implement those immersion bells and whistles.


St. Louis is a budding technology hub. Our French roots, deep traditions in the musical arts, mid-west work ethic, and reasonable labor rates make STL a great place for a technology company. The VR industry connections are sure to foster growth for years to come.

Best Of Breed Tooling

We use Unity to bring 3D art, spacial audio, and great ideas together. The result is a a unique, compelling, experience. For maintainability and cost reduction, we recommend build, test, static code analysis, and reporting; on every build. We bring our years of enterprise Java tooling experience and apply these lessons learned to VR build procedures. The result is stable, low maintenance source code.

Don’t See What You Need?

Contact us today for a free consultation. We love to talk about new and exciting VR projects!