Cross-Platform Mobile Apps for Your Business

Why target one platform? We build apps that run on iOS, Android, Blackberry, and Windows Phone. Mobile, tablet, and web. Silver Fin Software can mold your mobile app idea in to a reality! We will help develop your concept, wire frame the application, develop the code, and deploy it to the major app stores. We have experience with the following platforms and can deploy your app to one or all of them.

Local Developers

All of our work is performed in the USA, by our local developers.

Global Reach

While deploying your app to multiple mobile app stores is great, the world is a big place. The big idea in one geographic region may be crowded with competitors, while another location in the world may still be untapped. With professional translators ready for France, Indonesia, Germany, and Romania, we can help you crack these markets. Need a language not shown? Let us know.

Standardized Testing

Modern mobile apps are complicated. What good is that shiny new mobile app if it is going to fall apart over time? We use automated, industry standard testing frameworks to ensure your app keeps working as you intended. If a problem arises, we can be notified that day, and take care of it quickly.

Community Engagement

What makes a good mobile app great? Listen to your audience, and respond to their needs quickly. If you have an employee to monitor your social media presence, we can help them tie your mobile app feedback in to their marketing strategy. Don’t have a social media expert? We can help!

Don’t See What You Need?

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